Product Lines – Overview

Warrior or explorer?

Already today, we offer tomorrow’s wingmen customizable cosplay armor suits showing a passion for the details: Live your SciFi dream with STAR42!

Get your set bonus

All Star42 armor parts can be combined with one another. For productional reasons, however, complete sets are priced even more advantageously!

M-Line: Military

The military set comprises the most important basic equipment for space fights. Accessory elements have been avoided in order to improve handling and ensure top agility. The primary color of M-line components is black. It allows marines to perfectly merge with their surroundings.

X-Line: Exploration

The explorer set stands out for several technical add-ons. This includes features such as a shoulder-mounted camera, a powerful HUD and several boxes for the equipment. The white primary color of X-line components is particulary suitable for applications in outer space as it makes sure, the explorer will remain visible for the mother ship.

Direct comparison: Learn more about the basic configuration of the M and X lines.