Concept Phase Completed / FAQ 1

The concept phase for our cosplay space suits has been completed. Our team – particularly the tech team and the 3D designers – now checks and implements all of the drawings.

After finishing the “first step”, we also received the first questions from the community. We now want to take the chance to answer these questions:

Will there be different sizes?

Yes. Some parts of the space suits can be adjusted individually; infinitely variable belts, for example. Other elements are made to measure. When placing your order, you will thus be asked to provide us with some body dimensions.

Which “universe” does the space suit come from?

Although our model might be quite similar to other battle suits, it has been developed specifically for this project. Similarities are just by coincidence. One thing is for sure: As fans of science fiction and space simulation games, we obviously developed a suit befitting our passion. Our suit fits the whole verse of midst 30th century – around 2950 …

Which FEATURES are planned?

The suit comes with some gadgets as standard. These include a universal smartphone bracket to be worn on the forearm, for instance. The free-of-charge STAR42 mobile app informs the wearer about fictional values (e.g. amount of oxygen in his blood, etc.). We also allow for different colors and effects. In addition, there will be two different suit versions will be available: X-line (explorers) and M-line (military).

3D concept: Smartphone bracket on the forearm (red = smartphone display)

Is this a commercial project?

Yes. Besides being highly sophisticated, suit production and prototyping are also pretty expensive. This is not just about the expenses for materials and machines, but also about several hours of interdisciplinary work – reaching from concept art through to color finish. – As a result, we are definitely talking about a commercial fan project.

How much will the suit be?

At this stage, we could only suggest and guess. Telling you any figures would thus be putting our heads above the parapet. Due to the modularity (colors, finish, gadgets) it’s not easy to even mention an approximate figure.

Left illustration: the suit’s concept art – from behind
Screenshot above: 3D logical consistency check (3D tech stage)
Screenshots below: 3D design (3D design stage)

Also, we now managed to define the milestones until the release. In future, you will find all data and our current development and production stage on our home page.

When will we be able to see the suits live and in action?

Our deadline is end of September. By then, we will be able to present three suits: two suits of the M-line and one X-line suit. We will publish more detailed information on the exact date and place right here on our website.

Where is the suit produced?

(Although we probably mentioned it several times already, this seams to be an important issue for you. Maybe, because you already gained some experiences with Far-East products…] It bears repeating and we really want to emphasize that all of our armor components are not only designed in Germany, but also produced in Germany as well – it doesn’t only say “made in Germany”, it actually is!

Is there any possibility to join in with you guys?

Of course, anyone can help! Tell us about your suggesttions and ideas using the comments or contact us via e-mail or contact form. In case you have any special abilities or super powers, our team will be pleased to receive your application. And in case you are a streamer, operator or maintainer of a community website, do not hesitate to get in touch with us either– we’re always interested in possible cooperations. banner and logos right here.

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– If you just want to make some publicity for our project, you can find some banners and logos.

Concept for the STAR42 cosplay smartphone app. The smartphone will be placed into the forearm bracket (picture on the top right) where it serves to display several types of information (vital signs, status, etc.) – different skins (below preview) are available:

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